Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sleep where have you gone?

What a terrible night. No sleep at all, read one and a half books though!

Pain is bad and energy pitiful. Having to stay in bed as any effort is too much, but not able to sleep so getting used to my new phone, but even that is making my arm ache. Such a grump today.

I picked up my knitting last night and after doing about 20 rows realised I had gone wrong it did not match other sides so had to take it down again. Note to self double check what doing especially when not looked at something for weeks. Other note, don't do things when stressed and tired. It will put me off now and probably won't pick up again for weeks.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Its been a tough few weeks.  February has always been difficult for me as I seem to get a post Christmas slump.  This was compounded when I gave birth in February 7 years ago, so now post Christmas is build up to birthdays and no time to recover.  This year half term has been quite early so I only had one week to recover from birthday party before the holiday.  Emily and I have both been quite poorly with sinus infections, so its been a bit miserable.  School had a training day yesterday so today is first day back!! All I wanted to do was sleep, no such luck, but will be having a very early night I think.

I went to my quilting class on Friday which was a great effort and not a good idea really, I made lots of mistakes and really confused myself, but did finally managed to finish the block off.  I only have one more to do before putting it together :)

I did fit in a few craft things making a card for a friend and a picture too.  I don't seem to have a picture of the card, as soon as I finished it Emily wrote in it and put it in the envelope.  I was sure I had taken a picture, but have just changed over phones and can't find everything! I do have a picture of the picture.

I pricked out the pattern for a card for my nephew, but then realised I won't get time to finish and post it in time for his birthday next Tuesday, I always seems to leave it until last minute.  Will have to get on with next one instead.  I love making the cards, but  my my little time and energy makes it difficult and i don't know if the effort is always appreciated.

Must go now.

Found the card picture.  I am not that happy with how it turned out, think they look better on white or cream card then coloured backing.  Also think the cat looks a bit sad.

Monday, February 24, 2014


I have won an award :)

Its from fellow blogger Rosalynde Lemarchand.  I am so pleased to accept my award thanks Rosalynde.

Not much time and energy for blogging at the moment as very hectic time and not feeling great, but will catch up soon.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Busy, Busy

What a weekend.  Parties and birthdays are now over, feels like I have been preparing for Christmas and birthdays since about September and I am really worn out now.  As ever with the party I have planned and organised and made sure everything in place, but then felt awful on the day and stayed in the background, but I think everyone enjoyed it.

Emily's cake from Cakes for Breaks and my button letter and number.

Emily with her hair done, nails done and face painted.  Thanks to Tracey, Leanne, Sam and Teresa.

Rob's cake also from Cakes for breaks.

Feeling awful today, Emily is not well either and it was touch and go as to whether she went to school, but she made it :) just hope she is ok.

Card that I made for Rob. Pattern from Stitching Cards.

So worn out with everything and have enjoyed making the cards and stuff, but not really sure how much people appreciate them and if they are worth the time and effort, but I like doing them so its worth it to me.  Feel like I should be doing something for me now, but not really got time or energy.  I do have an idea for a picture for my bedroom wall, so maybe one day!!

Love this new pattern from Stitching cards

Well that's it from me for now.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

7 years

Today is Emily's 7th birthday, where does the time go?

How did we go from

to this?

I am having a tough time health wise at the moment so just a quick post to show the thing I made for Emily.

Made with pattern from stitching cards and background from free craft downloads.

And a picture I made for her

Need to get as well as possible for the party now, 3 days to go!