Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Nowhere Fast

Well the weekend seemed to pass in a blur, so much happening and so little energy combined with tantrums from Emily who is 6 and getting bossier and stroppier by the day and generally making life exhausting. She also talks absolutely non stop which is exhausting in itself. Makes me feel like such useless Mum.  I am trying to work out how to improve things and get her to tell me about things, but its hard without putting words into her mouth.

My craft seems to be taking a back seat at the moment, got the card pattern pricked, but need good light to stitch and just haven't had time during the day.  Had an appt this morning and have one Thurs too and tea time club tomorrow so there not much scope for getting it done, I will be pushing to the last minute as usual.

Have ordered a couple of craft tables though, spent lots of money so need to make good use of them when they arrive. Table one, table 2, they are both designed to hold a sewing machine and both fold away for storage and are both portable so won't be using dining table or computer desk now.  I really like the chair but its not available in this country and does seem rather pricey.

Went to craft fair at Rivers Meet yesterday, lots of lovely items, so tempting.  Got a flower head band and flower crocheted necklace for Emily, which I am sure will just get added to her collection and not worn.  Also got her a little gardening bag from Hobnob and button, with little gardening gloves and a pink spade.  Also loved the bags of juggling bean bags and the wigwam, but really could not buy more.  Bought chutney from Carr Houses of Methley there was no apricot and amaretto jam this time, very disappointing  hopefully next time, its delicious.

Off to rest now to try and get some energy for school pick up.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Waste not, want not!

I hate to throw food away so try to find ways to use things up this usually does not work very well and I should have learned by now, but never do.  We had a butternut squash that needed using so decided to make chutney, one we had made before that was really nice.  As usual I got stressed trying to follow recipe and stop Emily from jumping in and doing things that did not need doing and getting Rob to peel and chop, the saying too many cooks springs to mind.  Anyway we got it done and simmering in the pan and I asked Rob to turn it out before he went to bed. When I got up this morning Rob said he thought it might be a bit over cooked!  When he had turned it out and poured it into a dish the bottom of the pan was burnt and a lot of the contents stuck, it all tasted burnt, so now not only have I wasted the squash, but also expensive sweetener  vinegar, apricots, onions and so on, I am so fed up.  Not only have I wasted all that stuff the whole house stinks of vinegar, its horrid. I get upset when things like this happen as it uses a lot of my energy to do the things and then when it also does not work out its a big disappointment.

Feeling rubbish today, sick and dizzy, weak and pathetic.  I have got a dietician appt later, I really don't want to go, its a waste of time, but all the medical people I see assume that because I am thin I have an eating disorder!  I might be thin, but not that thin and I eat well.  I do have problems due to food intolerances, but that does not mean I don't eat just have to find alternatives.  The appt is right in the middle of when I usually rest before collecting Emily from school, so won't get a proper rest either. Makes it difficult to know what to do as I know I need to rest, but also have lots of things that need doing and sitting here worrying about the different options does not help either, I just want to go to sleep and forget about everything, some hope!

I got the card cut to size last night, need to start the pricking the pattern, but think I am too dizzy today.  Did finish another piece of Shaun sheep last night, he now has a body, tail and top of head.  Wonder if I will have it finished in time for his film debut.

Ah well the joys of ME and decision making, life goes on!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fed up

Not a very productive week. So much pain and feeling so weak and tired. In bed at moment watching tv too worn out for anything else. Did prepare food for slow cooker, put washing in and get Emily to school, but could hardly walk from car to classroom, just feel so weak.

No crafting done this week, very disappointed, have so many  things I want to do.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Found it

Managed to find appt ok, was worried I would get lost, really should learn to use the sat nav its not easy to follow the map and drive, I don't make life easy for myself!

Just got to survive appt now and get back again, so glad emily at friends after school.

Never got card started last night, I am so worn out and stuggling with pain.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Not a good few days, been feeling really yuck, but still so much I need to do.  its been a horrid weekend with lots of frayed tempers too and no crafting either.

Trying to survive on hardly any sleep does not help, but I am reading another good book Mother's Trial its a true story and very sad, but has got me hooked, it was free for the kindle, I have rather a large collection of free books stored on it now.

Just printing numbers to do a stitched 30 card, but not sure if I will get far I am too tired and dizzy.  Emily is playing upstairs with a friend and is sure to want something if I sit down to try and do something of my own.  I have also got an appt tomorrow that I have got to get myself to get through and get myself back from which won't be easy even though its only 4 miles away.  Luckily Emily is going to a friends after school tomorrow.

Friday, April 19, 2013

So upset

I am very upset this morning as I am not well enough to go to the quilting class.  Having had less than 4 hours sleep and already being exhausted anyway its just a step to far.  It makes me feel so useless and upset that I have to sacrifice something I want to do because of the need to be able to manage the daily routine which already pushes me to my limits.

Rob has taken Emily to school and I am heading back to bed.  At least I have a good book to read Torey Hayden's twilight children, its sad but very interesting and appeals to me because its the sort of work I would love to have been able to do (play therapy) before the stupid ME came along.  I have read many of her books she is a very interesting lady and her work truly amazing

Shaun the sheep now has a body, I am using a Patons Shaun kit he is only small.  I also have a Pooh Bear kit, but he is bigger, I have had it for years along with many pooh cross stitch kits, I love Pooh Bear.  I do have a latch hook rug on the wall in spare bedroom, I bought it to do myself but it was too difficult my hands were not strong enough so I had to get someone to finish it for me.

Off to curl up with my book and hopefully catch up on a bit of rest so that I can face the weekend.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

And the others

Here are the other blocks

Think I am about halfway there, but still a lot of work to do, but it is only 4th session tomorrow.

Did it

Well I think I have anyway, it looks ok, not perfect, but hopefully acceptable will have to wait for Sarah verdict tomorrow.  I make so many silly mistakes don't know if it's down to the ME concentration and cognitive issues (brainfog) or if I am just daft!  I find it difficult to follow patterns and recipes and have to read them over many times for it to sink in and even then I can totally muck it up or easily get distracted and some things just never seem to sink in no matter how many times I read instructions or am showed what to do.  If Emily gets a new game I can never understand what the instruction are saying and have to get Rob to explain it to me and play the game through to get it right, Emily understands better than me.

Well this is the finished block its a bit wonky fingers crossed it will be ok.

Easter egg picture that Emily made at Rivers Meet craft sessions, she gave to to friends Brenda and Geoff who had just had their dog put to sleep RIP Kaz.  Picture is of Kaz on Rob's knee, must be quite old as we don't have that sofa any more.

Oh no!

I have just messed up my log cabin block on last piece so had to undo quite a bit hoping I can salvage it.  I knew I should have done it straight after the class whilst I could remember what I was doing :-(

Just trying to psyche myself up to trying again.

Just seen a Sewing table, we have been trying to think of a way of making our little bedroom into a bit of a craft room, but also need a bed in there.  Looked at beds similar the the one Emily has and could only find this one which would fit, but it won't take the weight of a big adult.  The sewing table does not take up a lot of room and could be kept in little bedroom, but its in casters so could be wheeled into room with best light eg emily's room if needed.  Would need a chair, but the folding one Emily has is actually very comfy so could get another of those and then could just get a cabin bed instead.

Well better get back to the quilt block it won't cut and sew itself.

Pain, pain go away........

And preferably don't come back another day!

My pain is getting very bad and even with strong painkillers does not subside much.  A lot of it is my own fault.  Doing the craft with the children at the tea time club is a killer as I stand too much, but its not possible to sit down and be of any use to them! I am also having problems hearing the children as there is a lot of noise, I struggle to hear speech at the best of times and its not really fair to the children I like doing it, but always pay for it and I don't want to let anyone down or feel that I always have to give things up :-(  I have also had the Christening this week and walked more than I should, but did not want to go in my wheelchair, would have made me look very pathetic, especially with elderly relatives managing better than me!!

I have wondered if the vitamin D I have been taking could be making the pain worse, but all the evidence seems to suggest it should make it better if anything.  Its the last tablet today so will see if it makes any difference when I don't take them.

I have lost confidence in being able to do the stripy waistcoat at the moment, I need to speak to Barbara at Rivers Meet craft shop but she is only in Tues, Weds and Thurs and I will be there tomorrow for my monthly quilting class with Sarah so of course Barbara won't be there and I can't go in on the days she is there for a few weeks, wonder if I could write her a note or is that being too cheeky?

I need to get my quilting out and finish of the block started last month, hope I can remember what I need to do, I intended to do it straight after the class, but did not get chance and now its the day before the next class, where does the time go?

Started a Shaun the Sheep knitted toy last night, it was given to me ages ago for a present and I started it and made a mistake so then lost interest.  Decided to start again and got it right so far this time, its quite fiddly as its done on very narrow needles with fluffy wool.  Emily wants to know who it is for, but then said she wants it, I don't have any other ideas, she will probably expect me to have it finished by time she gets in from school, she might have a long wait.

Well writing blogs wont get the quilt block made either so I had better get on move on.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Well it appears to work. Downside I am laying in bed in my rest time writing blogs! One of the many joys of M E is that if you over do it then you get an adrenaline reaction and despite exhaustion rest is not possible. I am restless and my heart is pounding and my mind in overdrive, but my energy is non existent, its awful.

Does this work?

Trying a post from my phone as it would not work before, testing, testing.

Here it is!

The finished waistcoat.  Delivered to my mum at the weekend for her birthday today, she likes it and it fits, big relief!

Got to decide what to do next now, there is the striped waistcoat, but I don't feel ready to get my head around it yet, need something a bit simpler to do first.  The school holidays and Christening weekend have taken their toll and I am exhausted and run down and in need of plenty of rest this week.

Planning craft for tea time club tomorrow, going to plant cress seeds and make flowers and animals out of kitchen roll tubes.  Well that's the idea anyway.

I need to get a card made for my Dad's 70th birthday, I have the pattern to do stitched numbers from Pinbroidery, I like doing them and they are a nice keepsake.  I have done quite a few including birdhouse, peacock, fan and other animals from Stitching cards and a beautiful beaded heart from Prick n stitch.

These are the ones I have pictures of, my photography is not great!

I also need to finish my block before this weeks quilting class only got a couple of strips to cut and sew, but it feels like too much effort at the moment.

Will keep you posted!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


It's finished and with time to spare.  I am amazed I thought I would never finish the picking up all the way round took such a long time and then it took 1/2 hr to knit each row across all the stitches.  All I need to do now is press it and take a picture and hope it fits!

My pain is bad and I am very woolly headed, not sure if it is the knitting or the demands of the school holidays, probably a bit of both, but mainly the school holidays.

Just got an email from Hobbycraft with some cute pictures of a knitted owl and a knitted hat, but they don't tell you where to get the patterns, very disappointing, the images link to Pinterest, but it just a search of similar items not those ones, maybe I should email Hobbycraft.

Saw a lovely pattern this morning for a blanket wonder if its too difficult?  Would be nice for a change from knitting clothes and there is no picking up and sewing up which are my weak points.

The lovely Barbara at Rivers Meet is doing a set of classes to improve picking up, sewing up etc, I would love to go, but just can't manage 7 to 9pm on a Tues. I have tea time club alternate weeks and Emily's friend to play on the other weeks and long term appts on Tues and Weds morning that just wipe me out.  I will have to hope she runs the classes again soon or maybe she will see me one to one if i am cheeky enough to ask her.

Need to go now can hardly hold my head up, watch this space for picture of waistcoat and my decision about what to make next :-)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Race against time

I am very disappointed  but looks like I won't finish waistcoat in time and also going to run out of wool!  I would have probably managed it if it had not been school holidays, but I am exhausted with the holidays.  Was in agony again last night had been out with Emily as well as tidying up and trying to get the waistcoat finished I felt really ill by bedtime.  I really need a more relaxed few days as we are going to a Christening on Saturday, at the moment I don't feel well enough to go, but I can't miss it either.

Monday, April 08, 2013

What a pain!

Been in such a lot of pain today.  Had Physio first thing, not sure if that was good or bad! Rob had to take day off to help me and then Emily has spent most of the day playing next door, still waiting for her to come back, hope she is not being a nuisance, but the peace is nice.

The other pain is picking up the 323 stitches for the waistcoat border, been doing it on and off for 4 hours and not finished yet, I will be seeing stitches in my sleep tonight! I have been having strange dreams so it will probably seem quite normal to me!

Visited Trinity Leeds yesterday, its pretty good and quite easy to get around in the wheelchair.  Emily went to Lego shop and bought heartlake vets that she has been saving up for, my living room currently looks like Lego land. Went to Giraffe  for lunch, nice food, but not much for gluten free diet.

Only negative thing about shopping centre, there is no craft shop, but probably saved me a fortune. Emily wanted to go in the One Direction shop its a bit strange really, but she was happy enough and didn't ask to buy anything thankfully.

Well my peace is now shattered, night night all.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

First engage brain!

Well a day of mistakes today.  Discovered the other day that I needed a circular needle to pick up and knit border on waistcoat, never used one before, but knew I had got some, so no problem!  Last night I was on my own so thought I will get on with that border only to find I have 4 circular needles all the wrong size!

Went to Hobbycraft this morning to buy correct size.  Emily enjoyed making a jigsaw whilst we were in there using a blank jigsaw and some stencils I got the buttons for waistcoat too so a fairly successful trip. Saw this on display in shop it looks very effective and quite simple could be done with children too, I fancied doing a cat shaped one!! Think I will have to start a to do list, it will be rather long.

 I am in a lot of pain with the ME today so went to have a rest after lunch, but due to pain and adrenaline could not settle so thought I would look at the waistcoat and discovered I could sew up and darn in ends lying down :-) until I had sewed up shoulders seams ended up with one back to front so unpicked it sewed it again and then discovered both were wrong way round so unpicked them both and gave up!!

Tried to get the blogger application working on my phone, will it work no, took 2 attempts to install and then every time I tried to log in it crashed, so stuff that it got uninstalled again!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Oh dear!

Saw a waistcoat in my favourite cafe/shop Rivers Meet the other day succumbed and bought the wool today, the lady was very helpful said she had adapted a pattern, she let me have the pattern but I have top adapt it myself, will take all my brain power I think!  The yarn is Rowan Summer Tweed a mix of silk and cotton.  I have a picture of the one in the shop too so I can see what it should look like, watch this space!!!  Must, must, must finish the one for my mum first its only 8 days until I need to give it to her!  Nothing like a bit of pressure and its school holidays, aggggghhhh.

I really want to get on with making this bracelet I have all the bits just need to find time.

Took my daughter to Easter kids craft at Rivers Meet today, they made an egg shell mosaic picture, very effective, will try and get a picture later.

The waistcoat

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

New to blogging

I am starting this blog in an effort to get myself motivated to start and finish craft projects and spend less time on computer just looking at ideas and getting fed up because I have so many things I would like to do.

I will be posting pictures of projects underway and things I have waiting to be done, maybe notes about how to go about them and any issues I have with them.

I used to have a website selling handmade cards, ( which since the birth of my daughter has been idle I am hoping once I get this blog going that I will be able to incorporate the two, but it may take some time as I am not that clever with computers, I just tend to waste time on facebook (looking at craft pages, not with friends I have not got friends on it just use it for interests and inspiration), ebay, pinterest and catching up on the news.

I will start with a bit of information about myself.  I am Jane aged 41 and live in Leeds with my husband Rob  and Daughter Emily who is 6.  We have a cat, a hamster and some tropical fish.  I have ME/CFS/FM which means I do not go out to work, looking after Emily and the pets takes most of my energy.

My current projects are a knitted waistcoat for my Mum's birthday ( less than 2 weeks to finish it) have done the two front pieces and most of the back, just noticed the borders require using a circular needle, not done the before, oh dear!!  This is the pattern and I am doing those colours too

My other main project is a quilt that I am making with Sara from at a monthly class.  I completed a quilt with her last year which can be seen at along with a few of my other creations.

Look forward to posting more, but hoping that this doesn't keep me away from the craft as another excuse!