Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm Back

I have been away for nearly 2 weeks one way and another.  I would like to say it was restful, but sadly not.

The first week was the second week of school holidays and Emily and I went to stay in Sheffield with the families.  Arriving on the Tuesday which was my Mum's birthday.  Along with my Dad, brother and his family  we took her out for a meal at Mohul where we had a lovely meal and very attentive, friendly service, they even gave my Mum a birthday card.

I am running out of energy now as its been a hectic weekend and first day back at home.  I will write more when I can, I have lots of interesting ideas.

Leave with some photos for now.

Emily's hair after my sister law had plaited it and Emily kept them in for 2 days.

Card I made for my friend's Anniversary.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Its the end of the first week of school holidays, its been manic and not very ME friendly.

Just a quick post to display my latest cards.

Pattern from Stitching Cards

Pattern from Ann's paper art

I got some new patterns from Ann's this week so looking forward to trying some of those too, but think they will have to wait until the school holidays are over.  I have not had much chance for stitching the cards this week and when I have I seem to have spent most of the time stabbing my finger or losing my needle!!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Early Night

Feeling awful after getting cold and wet and standing quite a bit to watch Emily horse riding.  Think I will be in bed before she is.  She was terrified, but did enjoy it and would like to go again.  Need to build her confidence to be able to go without me I was the only parent who went. Emily's horse was called Benji, which she thought was great as her cousin is called Benjamin and often gets called Benji!

These look cool, buzzers, I am sure we could use these to stop people interrupting or talking over each other or shouting for attention.


I used to have website to sell my handmade cards.  Due to having less time and the standard of card making continually growing I am no longer selling cards.  I have decided to use my website to host my blog, links to the many sites that I use and a gallery of things that I have made.  It is still work in progress as my husband needs to do the technical side of things.  My website is Crafty Janes.

Its now the school holidays so there is not much time for craft or websites.  I am hoping to complete a few cards that I need for people with upcoming birthdays, just hope I get time.

Emily is going on some activities with children's extended services, but she wants me to go along and watch as its children from all over the area and many not be children she knows.  It will be hard work, but hopefully good fun, Emily is very excited. Luckily transport is provided, I would not be able to take her otherwise so its a great help to me.  Its horse riding today, hope the weather picks up a bit or I will be sitting in the cold and wet.