Saturday, January 25, 2014

Less Distraction, more crafting!

My PC has died, so I have less distraction at the moment and got some crafting done yesterday, amazing.  Got a rainbow letter and number done for Emily and a bit more stitching on her birthday card and even a few rows of knitting.  That said I do feel awful today, a lot of pain and sick and dizzy :(  I need to find a box frame to make a picture, but don't think it will be done in time.  I looked at the frames in Hobbycraft but they were very expensive so need to look elsewhere and can't easily search online at the moment. A quick search shows Dunhelm and Matalan as cheaper options, but I can't get to those on my own.

The furniture is finally sorted and we are back straight for the first time since end of November! Except that is for dining room full of packaging its been too cold and wet to take it outside or find time to go to the tip.

Well better go now.  Will post some pictures once I get my PC back.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Slow Progress and mixed emotions.

As ever progress with craft projects is slow, but gradually getting back to normal with furniture and putting things away and de-cluttering.  I may soon be able to see my craft tables and use them!!

Its my grandma's birthday today, she is 94.  I hope she got the card ok, I always feel a bit apprehensive about posting the cards when I have spent so much time on them, but we are not able to visit until the weekend.  It seems amazing to me that people live into their 90's now and of course we cannot imagine what it is like to have lived through so many changes.  At 42 I find the changes mind blowing at times and wonder what life will be like for the children now.  Emily thinks I am the oldest person in the world, but I guess at 6 you are either a child or old!

Its a mixed week though as Friday is my cousin's 40th birthday, but he died in a tragic accident 2 1/2 years ago.  He died not long after my own 40th birthday and knowing that he would not see his hit me very hard.  We have decided to sponsor a bird box in his and my grandad's memory, it will go in the garden of remembrance near their memorials.

I finished pricking the design for Emily's card last week, I must start stitching it, but I have to keep it hidden when she is around so have not had chance yet.  I am hoping to get one of the rainbow designs from my last post made for her too, but time is running out.

We went to see Puss in Boots at Leeds Carriageworks on Sunday, its great.  It is an amateur production by LIDOS.  There is a promotional video on  you tube. We are waiting to book for their next production Seussical in June.  We have been quite disappointed with other production we have seen recently, this was a breath of fresh air and much cheaper than many other things too.

Just time to show today's likes

Thursday, January 16, 2014


This is my 3rd attempt at making this post, so here goes.  My brain and technology are conspiring against me today!

The card is finished

The pattern is from Stitching cards and background paper from Card making and papercraft.

Quilting and Rainbows

Its quilting class tomorrow, hope I feel better than I do today or I won't be able to go :(  It is ages since I did anything on the quilt will be good to get on with some more.  Saw this beautiful fabric selection at Annies Crafts it would look great in my quilt.
Love the Annie's craft site, but its a good job they do not ship to UK!

Saw some other great ideas too

Gorgeous cot accessories, would have looked great in Emily's nursery.

Sunflower table mat, would look great on my dining table, but not sure about making something round, might be a bit ambitious!

Finally getting furniture repaired, so will be able to get things sorted out and put away, except that I do not have the energy.

Must get Russian doll card finished off today even if its the only thing I manage.

Was mulling over an idea last night about making a picture for Emily with a button rainbow, but not sure how easy it would be. A quick google search brings up some nice ideas

This one is printed but could be made with buttons.

A simple but effective idea.

Another simple idea using letters that are easily available in places like Hobbycraft

And a lovely card which could easily be made into a picture.  I am spoiled for choice now, so many idea running around in my head!  This would be nice for Valentine's day too.

Ah well enough thinking time for a bit of action, it will be very slow action though!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Today's likes

Sitting here feeling rubbish so looking at a few nice ideas, today's picks are

I have finished stitching on the Russian Doll card, just need to make it into card now.  Then quickly move on to the next one!  Don't feel quick at the moment.

I did the balloon sculpture with the kids last night, it worked out ok, was a big fail when we tried to do it again later to show Daddy.  I think the kids enjoyed it, but it was rather messy, would have been better in warm weather when it could have been done outside.  I like doing messy stuff, but its hard for me to clean up.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Where does the time go?

Time is flying by as ever and we are already mid January!  People still keep asking if I had a good Christmas, but that seems likes months ago, although I am still suffering the consequences.  Its also only 3 weeks until Emily's birthday, which means its only 3 weeks since Christmas, but it was last year, must be why it seems so long ago.

I am still feeling tired and achy and dizzy and not feeling up to doing much, but don't have a lot of choice in the matter.  Had my physio this morning, it felt ok at the time but is now painful and meant to take some painkillers before I sat down, but of course I forgot, so do excuse me whilst I go and get some.  Ah back now.

My blog is acting up so I am not sure what people can see, do let me know if there are any problems.  As me the font is not displaying correctly and for some reason I cannot log in properly, most confusing, but I cannot work it out at the moment.  I am not technically minded at the best of times.

The craft front is still very slow.  I have done a few rows on the waistcoat, but each time I pick it up I seem to make a mistake and have to take a few rows back, so it never seems to grow.  I am half way through the card for my Grandma, must get it finished only 1 week until her birthday. Its amazing there is someone who is is older than me!  The other day Emily asked me if we had any pyjamas in the olden days and if we had to make our own toys!!!

Have got to Emily and friend amused after school today like the look of this Balloon sculpture activity.  Its often easier to do something with them than let them play and have to referee all the arguments!!

Found another interesting looking thing to try too, but not today Ice hands.

Seen some lovely knitting and quilting patterns and gluten free food ideas some of which I have pinned at my Pinterest and others that I seem to have mislaid and will never remember what they are!  I always intend to blog about the things of interest, but forget what they were!

Finally I like the look of this book Show me a story.  it looks very clever and full of ideas, but I have so many kids craft and activity books and many of them are just gathering dust so can't really justify adding another to the collection.  Must have a clear out, but still can't justify buying more as I do not use or make any money out of what I have.

School pick up beckons, peace will be shattered from now until bedtime.  Emily assured me this morning that she wanted to go to bed at 7pm tonight so that she can get up at 7am with me, somehow I don't think so, especially she insists on watching TV at 7pm.  I would happily give care bears a miss and put her to bed, but I do like to have a few mins peace to get ready and eat my breakfast before she gets up.

Thursday, January 09, 2014


Bleurgh is that a word? It seems so see dictionary!

I am feeling rubbish today and should really be taking the chance to lay down, especially as I feel so dizzy.

Christmas was very busy and not ME friendly and sorry to say I did not enjoy much of it, sorry if that upsets or offends anyone, but its so difficult with ME.  I did survive, but it feels like only just!  Once Christmas is over there is also little time to rest and catch up.  This week is the first week back at school, so we do have a normal routine back, but still many things going on.  We still don't have things sorted out following the decorating etc as furniture still not sorted out due to damage.  The chaos drives me mad and I have just shoved things anywhere and everywhere just to get them out of the way.

Being away from home meant Emily did not get much chance to play with all her new stuff and in fact has not really shown that much interest since either, her favourite thing seems to be a wolf hat and she has spent quite a lot of time pretending to be a wolf and playing in a big cardboard box from new furniture!

Things on the craft front are slow bordering on non existent!  The waistcoat sits still waiting to be finished although I did get the extra wool I need. For Christmas I got Docrafts Subscription, but have not got any magazines yet. A longer Patchwork ruler and a couple of craft books; Snug as a Bug and Felt Fantastic, but not had chance to look at them yet.

At the moment I am trying to get ready for Emily's birthday and my Grandma's.  I have started Russian Doll Card  for my Grandma and just downloaded Rainbow pattern for Emily as she wants a rainbow theme for her birthday.  We have made her invites

I am not sure what else I need to do.  I am pretty sure that my rainbow bracelet won't get made :( see post

Really need to stop now feeling yuckier (yes thats a word too!) by the minute.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Its over!

At last Christmas is finished with and put away until next year.

Getting back to normal will take a while longer.  In the mean time Happy New Year.

Watch this space for 2014 happenings.