Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Very upset

Its been a horrid day on top of hardly any sleep.  Ended up shaking and sobbing and getting hubby home from work early.

Finished card today, will post picture after the person has got it, just in case they read.

Taking a break for a while, too many demands on my time and ever decreasing energy.  Hope to be back with fresh mind and fresh ideas once the kids are back at school, or maybe a bit after depending how many weeks I need in bed!!

Sick and tired

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!  The pain and fatigue are really getting to me, but I can't sleep, such is the crazy nature of ME/CFS.

Feeling pretty useless and bad tempered.

Only positive is that I finished my book, so it can go back to library tomorrow as other people are waiting for it!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


As a result of a busy day yesterday I have had very little sleep and am in a lot of pain, school holidays are a killer and that's without all the other things that are going on.

Anyway here are photos of out crafty efforts

Friday, August 16, 2013

Good craft day

Despite being in a lot of pain, I managed to get to quilting class at Rivers Meet and finished of the block I started back in May, just a bit of hand stitching to do on it now and started on my appliqué block of a paw print.  Emily went to the kids craft class and was the only one there, she made a brilliant egg shell mosaic.  Will post pictures later.

A friend of my mums became a grandma yesterday to a much awaited baby boy, I felt inspired to make a card, first I have made for a long time again picture later. The light is fading now and I have lots of kids running around my house.  I only have one child of my own, but seem to have anything between one and 9 every time I look!

Sarah showed us some brilliant threads by Wonderfil lots of variegated and metallic threads which I love think I must be a magpie! They sell it in the quilt museum shop which happens to be on my list of places to visit, no idea when of course!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Woof, Woof

Went to Our handmade collective with Emily yesterday, she made a facecloth dog which she has called Rosie.

She also made a chocolate lolly with the ladies from York Chocolate story I don't have a picture of that it soon disappeared!  We had a drink in Just Grand a quirky little tea room in LHC, there is a great choice of teas, cakes and vintage sweets!  Its a great place very friendly, just wish it was a bit easier to get around, I am in pain from walking round and the lift broke down yesterday!

Pricked out a card pattern for an anniversary card, just hope I get the time to do it.  Madly hoping to get to quilting tomorrow with Sarah.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Find me on facebook as Crafting with ME.  Hope to get it up and running properly after school holidays and get a new look website, but it will be slow progress.

My website is very out of date, wondering about a new name, except that I own the domain name so maybe not a good idea or I could call it Crafty Jane's plus something else, like Crafty Jane's, Craft with ME or Crafty Jane's and Emily's something?!

Well that's it for today, too much pain and need to check out what Emily is up to!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Aggggghhhh as in ouch I am in pain with my neck and back and my hip was very painful earlier.  Got a physio appointment for next Monday, so also aaaaaggggggghhhhhh as in I will never have any money.

Aaaaaggghhhhh as in I am exhausted, but could not settle to rest as my heart was pounding due to adrenaline from overdoing it for the last I don't know how long!

Aaaaaagggghhhh as in loads of ideas in my head for cards and crafts and no time or energy.  For the idea I would also need new Sizzix dies of large letters at £10.99 each, somehow I don't think that will happen being nearly £300 for whole alphabet let alone storing them and another £55.99 for numbers! Anyone got a lottery ticket they don't want?!

Aaaaaggggghhhh as in my Mum was supposed to get her car back today, but they found some more damage so she can't have it back until end of week.

Now for some cute things.  My sister in law at Isla's attic cut the letters for Emily name picture and Emily and I put the decoration on, it looks great and is now up on her bedroom wall.

On Friday I took Emily to Our Handmade Collective in Leeds with a friend to a Teddy Bears picnic

Hoping to go again on Wednesday as they are doing face cloth dogs and chocolate lollipops.  They have just posted on their facebook page;

"Ooh, a lovely day all round on Wednesday, our Summer of Craft workshops continue with 'Make your own facecloth Dog' and you can make your own chocolate lolly's with York's Chocolate Story - what a fab day to come down and visit us!

York’s CHOCOLATE Story will be visiting Leeds on Wednesday 14th August to give people a chance to get hands-on and have a go at making their own chocolate lollies.
In a sweet treat for the summer holidays, people will be able to make, decorate and take away their own delicious chocolate lollies, with live workshops running between 11-4pm, for a cost of £1 - what a treat! Make sure you come along early to sample some beautiful chocolates!"

Shame I can't eat chocolate, but sure Emily will have fun, was planning to go after lunch, hope all the chocolate has not gone by then and hope I am well enough to go, not looking great at the moment, an early night beckons I think.

Thursday, August 08, 2013


Hello Kitty Lettering
Candy cane
Gingerbread Man
Dress up Kitty Kitty
Champagne glass
Lady bird
4 Hearts
Hello Kitty Bee
Baby bottle
Hello Kitty Lady Bug
Doll graduation
Doll Girl Clothes
Watering can
Dress up Kitty clothes
Treble clef
Hello Kitty Head
Sea horse
Doll shoes
Dress up Body
Numbers 0 - 9
Doll Body

Dress ups cheerleader

Large tag

Hello Kitty butterfly

Doll hair

Palm tree

Frog lily pad

Dress ups football

Dress up fireman



3 Tags


Doll winter clothes

Scallop frame

Doll hair





Dog bone and dish


Car front

Doll overalls



My mum in law was asking what Sizzix dies I have so I have updated my list happy to cut and send to people as per my web site

Found these Quilting dies dies online, how cool are they.  I am sure some of them will be on my wish list!

Just seen an advert this site what beautiful necklaces and great items on the rest of the site too, its going to be a big xmas list this year!!

Off for a rest now, I am getting quite shaky, events are catching up with me, so I better lie down before I fall down. Just a pic of Emily in her new dress, with her grandma who has taken her out for a bit.


Everyone is so clever.  I have just got a dress from Emily from Lydia teapot its beautiful, will post a picture later.  My sister in law has just started Isla's Attic.  Everything looks so professional.  I can make things, but do not have the finesse and it looks home made.  There is too much competition and skill in the craft world now and to make a go of it you have to be outstanding.  I will have to stick to just making things for personal use.  It does make me sad as I feel like it something else that I muddle along at, but don't do well.  Wonder if I will ever find anything I am really good at or whether I am just ok at a few things?!

More Beads!

Just discovered this place Beadhive, looks great, I must have a visit.  I have not heard of it before and never go to the Corn Exchange as it is not very disabled friendly, not that I go into Leeds often anyway.

Sad to see this report outdoor play yesterday.  It is hard to let the kids be outside and have fun as you do worry about upsetting people.  I had 10 kids in my garden yesterday, but luckily no one complained, I think we should expect child noise at this time of year, noise and bad behaviour are not the same thing.  This is also sad but true.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The sun has got his hat on

Well Play day has arrived and the sun is shining.  I am the only one up so far and trying to decide what to get out for the children.  We don't have a lot of room, but live on a cul de sac so playing on street is ok during the day.  Might be cheeky and use next doors garden too as they are not here and their grandchildren are coming to event.

I feel pretty yuck so not sure how much I will manage, but will pull out all the stops whilst I can.  I guess I should get on with it now rather than sitting here wasting my time and energy, but just now it feels like too much effort to move.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Is it time for bed yet?

Is it time for bed yet?

Nothing ready for tomorrow, not what I wanted, but can't be helped, I am sure they will be fine just playing with what we have.

Seven kids coming now, I must be mad!

Play day

I have not been able to put any effort or planning into the play day as I would have hoped.  I am hoping it will be a good day weather wise so the kids can play outside, I still have no idea how many people are coming.  We have plenty of outdoor play things and can do messy things outside too, but I am sure the kids will have a better idea of what they want. Just have to hope they all play nicely together, I do not have the energy to referee.  Made some buns with Emily.

I am worried about how I will manage as I am in pain and very tired and will not have chance for a rest today as Emily has fun music this afternoon.  I will just have to try not to push myself too much.

Monday, August 05, 2013

What a week!

I was supposed to be going to my Mum's last week for a bit of rest and to do things with Emily, but my Mum managed to crash her car so instead I ended up looking after her and not seeing much of Emily.  I am now back home for a few days, but might have to go off again if Mum needs it.  Not feeling great myself, but her need is greater at the moment.  I took my knitting to do, but did not manage a stitch.

Rob and I were also planning an evening out, but that got missed too!

Here are the pictures of bracelets I made before we went.

And some pictures of Emily and me on a pony cart ride, the only thing we manage to do together.