Friday, August 16, 2013

Good craft day

Despite being in a lot of pain, I managed to get to quilting class at Rivers Meet and finished of the block I started back in May, just a bit of hand stitching to do on it now and started on my appliqué block of a paw print.  Emily went to the kids craft class and was the only one there, she made a brilliant egg shell mosaic.  Will post pictures later.

A friend of my mums became a grandma yesterday to a much awaited baby boy, I felt inspired to make a card, first I have made for a long time again picture later. The light is fading now and I have lots of kids running around my house.  I only have one child of my own, but seem to have anything between one and 9 every time I look!

Sarah showed us some brilliant threads by Wonderfil lots of variegated and metallic threads which I love think I must be a magpie! They sell it in the quilt museum shop which happens to be on my list of places to visit, no idea when of course!

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