Monday, April 22, 2013


Not a good few days, been feeling really yuck, but still so much I need to do.  its been a horrid weekend with lots of frayed tempers too and no crafting either.

Trying to survive on hardly any sleep does not help, but I am reading another good book Mother's Trial its a true story and very sad, but has got me hooked, it was free for the kindle, I have rather a large collection of free books stored on it now.

Just printing numbers to do a stitched 30 card, but not sure if I will get far I am too tired and dizzy.  Emily is playing upstairs with a friend and is sure to want something if I sit down to try and do something of my own.  I have also got an appt tomorrow that I have got to get myself to get through and get myself back from which won't be easy even though its only 4 miles away.  Luckily Emily is going to a friends after school tomorrow.

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