Friday, December 19, 2014

Pain Diary 19/12 to 25/12 update 23/12/

20/12 Had pain during the night and very little sleep.  Pain is very mild today, but I am running on adrenaline which is a good pain killer.  Just waiting for the bad pain to hit!

21/12  Awoke in a lot of pain, but slept longer than usual!  Pain been variable during day, normal for me.  Busy day lots of adrenaline and pushing my limits, I know it will hurt a lot soon.

22/12 Pain during the night, but managed some sleep.  Stiff and achy on getting up, fingers crossed I don't get too much pay back for yesterday.  Quite a bit of pain during evening and pain when trying to settle in bed.

23/12 Quite a lot of pain during night didn't sleep well.  Very stiff and achy on getting up.

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