Friday, May 31, 2013

Not enough!

Two hours sleep is seriously not enough.  I feel awful this morning, but fed up of lying in bed.  Feel sick and dizzy, lots of pain and mega earache and sore throat, not a happy bunny :(

Its partly my own fault for pushing myself to do too much, but also I don't have a huge amount of choice if I want to keep Emily entertained in the holidays.  Rumplestiltskin was good, but I could not hear it :( but as I know the story I kind of knew what was going on.  Emily enjoyed despite fidgeting all the way through and asking when it was finishing 8|

Took Emily out for a walk last night with me on scooter and had hearing tested, way too much for me, plus added stresses which I don't really want to write about online.

Don't know what to do with myself now feeling so rubbish and really need to rest/sleep, but no chance.

Just found a lovely stitching cards site, will definitely be buying and stitching some of those.  No craft done this week :(

Really fed up :((

Smilies not working today, don't have energy to find out why.