Wednesday, August 13, 2014

You got to laugh

They tell us laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes no matter how stressful things are you just have to laugh at things that people say or do.

I will share a few of Emily's classics from recently.

On holiday, helping to carry some bags "I am carrying the bags, that makes me a carrier bag"

Also on holiday going back to caravan for lunch, "there won't be any bees on the flowers at the moment they will have gone to lunch"

In a discussion about what god created, "God made Morrisons"  Perhaps he didn't rest on the 7th day at all, he built Morrisons!

Despite my post about the difficulties of being a parent, there are a few lighter moments, hope they made you smile too.


  1. Ah the little things they say and do to make us laugh,they're priceless.
    Laughter is a great medicine.My Mum always told me that above all else never lose your sense of humour.I always remember this even when something is so hideous it can make you cry.Laughter is good for the soul.x

  2. so true Rachael. We get so caught up in every day stuff we forget to laugh and have fun.