Sunday, March 08, 2015

Meet Ros

Ros is a fellow ME sufferer and has kindly written this about how she expresses her creativity which help her cope with the ME.

I have been writing poems for a while but in recent years have turned to writing about M.E. and people with other chronic illnesses . 
I wanted to express how I and other feel. I wanted to increase awareness and understanding of how it affects our lives and at the same time raise funds for Invest in ME I have written a book of poems which is called 'My A-Z of M.E.: 50 poems about living with  (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)'It's available from Amazon around the world in paperback and kindle version. Here's the link for the UK's my poem A-Z of M.E.   

I have a blog where I write around my poems and current events
I also have a face book page here
I like it when I have feed back from others who suffer the same and makes me feel that it's all worthwhile. It can be emotionally difficult to read my poems, even for myself. Still I try to express true feelings and emotions, no matter how hard. This way I hopefully show the reality of living with a chronic long term illness like M.E.  
Ros Lemarchand
Age 59
Ill with M.E. since 2002
Now living in France

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