Monday, May 23, 2016

Meet Marianne

Marianne is a fellow ME sufferer.

What is your craft?

I enjoy writing, playing with words, decorating envelopes or letters, making cards, knitting, painting, drawing - though due to illness little is possible these days for now it's decorating envelopes for the three penpals I have which is like monthly to bimonthly 

How did you get started

I started crafting as a child

What is you favourite craft product?

For glitter paint I found Creall the best brand cost/quality/quantity wise and for pastels Van Gogh (brand)

What is your favourite part of your craft

I use all materials I can think off and the most fun is just seeing something that seems useless and turn it into a part of something gorgeous 

What is the worst part?

The hardest part for now is being limited due to illness, then again it too opens ways to search for ways to get things done still which for now means different ways to decorate envelopes instead of doing my watercolour paintings also the envelopes will vary from using felt tips to stickers or just a few stars in ballpoint - whatever I can do at what point .

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  1. Lovely page and lovely ideas, specially with the envelopes x