Friday, June 21, 2013

Easier with Knobs!

Discovered that if I put the hank of wool around the drawer knobs on my chest of drawers it is much easier to wind the wool into a ball, takes about 15 mins rather than nearly 2 hours!!!!

I know it looks a bit of a mess, but it works :) and I end up with

Just two left to do now, but I think I might knit a bit first as I have one ball of each colour.  Watch this space I am not very confident at the moment as I only have a pattern for shaping and a picture for design and am very easily confused!

Emily's school fair tomorrow so baked buns last night, hope they are ok.  Kitchen is still in a mess 8-|

Emily's plaits had come out by the time she came out of school yesterday.  Today she has a non uniform day and has gone in her new minnie mouse dress I tried to persuade her it was not really practical for school, but she wasn't having any of that so i let her wear it, what's the point of a new dress if you can't wear it, I just hope it washes well!

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