Thursday, September 19, 2013


Got a leaflet about knitting and stitching show in Harrogate.  I went a few years ago, its great, but very busy and so much temptation, also not easy to get around with wheelchair.  But it is good and well worth a visit.

Another temptation arrived in my email in the shape of Felt fantastic a book from Blooming felt.

I started a Golden wedding card like the one in my post normal service except this one is in gold, as request from a friend.

Its quilting tomorrow, determined to go, but will travel light leaving my machine and heavy stuff at home and just taking the bits I am working on that need hand stitching so should be a bit less effort.

Got to go now Emily is fussing about a dead bee, I have told her that if it is dead it will do her no harm, but it is apparently an emergency, I hope she does not expect me to resuscitate it.

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