Friday, February 26, 2016

Question Time - Question 3

Question 3

Might sound a stupid question, but does anyone know a simple app for recording when you take medication?? I am ok with ones I take at same time every day, but those I take as needed like painkillers I can never remember what I have taken and when. I try to write it down, but then seem to lose the piece of paper, or leave it somewhere and then forget to write next lot down!

Following my question a friend recommended Keep for android, so I downloaded it. It seems quite good.  I haven't got a clue if I am using it correctly, but I can note my medication and make lists which I can also share, which can be useful.  Only thing that I would like and don't know if it does is to display current notes on my home screen.

Apparently I can snyc all my devises, but not worked that one out yet!!

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